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Customizable Lipstick Packs

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Finding the right lipstick for your luscious lips can be a struggle. You've probably tried a host of lipstick colors and brands but find them unflattering. LoveLips Kissed by Algebra B aims to bring your frustration to an end with our customizable lipstick packs.

We understand that everyone is unique in their own way. People have different preferences and would love to create shades that are perfect for their lips and style. That is why we've created these beautiful customizable lipstick packs. Simply choose a palette and create a look that’s unique to you.

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Discover our customizable matte lipstick packs

Smoothing Matte Lipstick Customizable Packs

The smoothing matte lipstick from LoveLips Kissed by Algebra B is one of our most populous lipstick products. It is an exquisite product that’s fit for women of all ages. You can now get the customizable lipstick pack to create your unique identity.

Create any look from a bright green lip to a dominating red glow. Your lips, your choice, your colors. Define who you are with our smoothing matte lipstick customizable packs.

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Discover our customizable smoothing lipstick packs

Smoothing Red Lipstick Customizable Pack

Red is a lipstick color that never goes out of fashion. Whether you are looking to go for a classy look or to make your lips heavy like a rockstar’s, the smoothing red lipstick customizable pack is all you need. Sophistication is not just a word; it comes in this red lipstick pack.

Your lips will feel comfortable and moisturized while you rock your unique look. It’s no wonder many women love the red gloss of LoveLips Kissed Smoothing Red Lipstick by Algebra B.

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Discover our customizable full-coverage lipstick packs

Full-Coverage Lipstick Customizable Pack

The full coverage lipstick customizable pack provides you with an endless combination of colors. Mix and match colors to define your pout. From typical neutrals to primary colors, you’re sure to find the perfect mix for your lips. And to make things better, the full-coverage lipstick packs from LoveLips Kissed by Algebra B are long-lasting, comfortable, and silky on the lips. Create everything from glossy shades to matte shades.

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We are based in Neiman Marcus, ATL but you can order your desired products from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. As a modern, experienced brand, we know how much our customers love to stand out.

That is the reason why we keep coming up with amazing products that will bring out the uniqueness of our audience and provide room for our clients’ voices to be heard. You can now add a customizable lipstick pack to your enviable makeup collection. Your win is our win.

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Customizable Lipstick Packs

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